SaleHoo Vs Wholesale2B – Which Is Better in 2024?

Salehoo and Wholesale2B are two of the popular e-commerce dropshipping tools for online businesses today. See the comparison of SaleHoo Vs Wholesale2B. They both offer access to a wide range of products and dropshipping services, making them attractive options for starting an online business.

However, there are some key differences between the two platforms that are worth exploring. This will give you an overview of both these tools and what they have to offer their customers.

salehoo vs wholesale2b comparison

Let’s have a look at SaleHoo and Wholesale2B and see which one is better suited for your business.

These are the main key points that will be covered in the article.


  • What is SaleHoo?
  • How does SaleHoo work?
  • Main aspects of SaleHoo
  • What is Wholesale2B?
  • How does Wholesale2B work?
  • Main aspects of Wholesale2B
  • SaleHoo Vs Wholesle2B: Key differences
  • SaleHoo and Wholesale2B ratings
  • SaleHoo and Wholesale2B: Which one is better?

What Is SaleHoo?

Salehoo is a New Zealand-based online wholesale and dropshipping directory that connects entrepreneurs with wholesale suppliers and dropshippers. The platform was founded in 2005 and includes 8,000 pre-vetted suppliers and 2.5 million products.

The screenshot of the SaleHoo dashboard:

salehoo dashboard comparison with wholesale2b

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How Does SaleHoo Work?

When you find a supplier who can give you the product you want to sell and the highest possible profit, get in touch with them to start building a supply network. All manufacturers share their contact information as well as some key details about their businesses, such as product list, shipping timeline, contact details, etc on the SaleHoo platform. After getting in touch you can discuss different details and negotiate with the supplier as per your requirements.

Main Aspects of SaleHoo

SaleHoo offers several key benefits to people looking to start a wholesale or dropshipping business, including:

Pre-Vetted Suppliers: All of Salehoo’s suppliers are vetted and verified to ensure that they are legitimate and reliable. This gives users peace of mind knowing that they are working with trustworthy suppliers who offer high-quality products.

Large Product Range: SaleHoo’s directory includes over 2.5 million products from more than 8,000 suppliers. This gives users a wide range of products to choose from, allowing them to find the right products to sell to their target market that can generate maximum profit.

User-Friendly Interface: Salehoo’s platform is easy to navigate, with a simple search function that allows users to find products by keyword, category, or supplier. Users can also filter their search results by various criteria, such as supplier location, payment methods, etc.

What Is Wholesale2B?

Wholesale2B was founded in 2004 and provides dropshipping solutions that aim to help online businesses to set up and run their dropshipping business with ease. The company offers access to over 1.5 million products from more than 100 dropshipping suppliers that can be integrated into a single account.

Here is a screenshot of the Wholesale2B dashboard:

wholesale2b dashboard

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How Does Wholesale2B Work?

Wholesale2B offers an automated solution for synchronizing inventory, orders, tracking, and order fulfillment services.

It allows users to link their store to dropshippers and import products from them into their store. The platform also automates inventory updates and allows orders to be shipped directly to customers with just one click.

Main Aspects of Wholesale2B

Some of the benefits of using Wholesale2B for dropshipping include:

Automated Inventory Management: Wholesale2B automates inventory updates, so dropshippers don’t have to worry about managing stock levels manually.

One-Click Order Processing: With Wholesale2B, orders can be shipped directly to customers with just one click, making the order fulfillment process quick and easy.

Free Platform Access: Wholesale2B offers unlimited free usage, so dropshippers can test out the platform and see the products and prices before committing to a paid subscription. Therefore, you can sign up and use the platform for free. You only pay if you, later on, decide to subscribe or activate a plan and start selling products.

SaleHoo Vs Wholesale2B: Key Differences

SaleHoo and Wholesale2B are both popular dropshipping platforms that offer access to a large selection of products from multiple suppliers. However, there are some differences between the two platforms that may affect which one is the best fit for your business.

Here are some key differences between SaleHoo and Wholesale2B:

Product Selection

Wholesale2B offers access to over 1.5 million products from over 100 suppliers, while SaleHoo offers access to over 2.5 million products from over 8,000 suppliers. This means that SaleHoo has a larger range of products to choose from.

Dropshipping Tools of Both Platforms

salehoo vs wholesale2b comparison

Both SaleHoo and Wholesale2B provide an updated and user-friendly interface to the users. All the suppliers are vetted and provide a range of filters to narrow down your search. However, there are a couple of extra filters/variables that SaleHoo provides on its platform which are the number of orders and delivery estimates.

These can help you shortlist the sellers that can provide fast deliveries and have vast drop shipping experience at the same time. With this, you have confidence that you are doing business with the right suppliers. Moreover, both platforms allow you to import 500 products to your store which is quite a good number.

Here are clicks from SaleHoo and Wholesale2B dropship dashboards:

salehoo dropship dashboard vs wholesale2b


wholesale2b dropship dashboard

Directory Tool of SaleHoo and Wholesale2B

Apart from the dropshipping services, both SaleHoo and Wholesale2B also offer supplier directories and there are also key differences between the two.

SaleHoo offers a large directory of 8,000+ vetted suppliers whereas Wholesale2B currently only offers less than 100 suppliers. Of those 100, the majority of them are based in the USA and a very small number are in China. SaleHoo suppliers are global and more than 100 countries are represented.

There are also different filters that you can use to find the right products like minimum order quantity, location, etc. Apart from finding and sourcing wholesale products and suppliers you can contact the manufacturers and ask them to manufacture your own custom products apart from already available products. A research tool that SaleHoo offers is SaleHoo Labs. Here are the details of that.

SaleHoo Labs

SaleHoo Labs is a powerful research that it offers to its users. The tool tracks the items that are selling best on major eCommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay and how is the competition level.

Below you can see the screenshot SaleHoo Labs.

salehoo labs vs wholesale2b

Moreover, it enables you to research the products and see if they’ll generate money for you or not even before you decide to buy any stock. The sales data shows things like sales trends, competition stats, and new niche opportunities so that one makes more informed decisions.

Wholesale2B doesn’t offer anything like this on its platform. Things like these and an extensive suppliers list take the SaleHoo directory one step ahead of Wholesale2B.

SaleHoo and Wholesale2B Pricing

Let’s compare the pricing of different plans that SaleHoo and Wholesale2B offer.

SaleHoo Pricing

salehoo pricing

SaleHoo offers different pricing plans for its dropshipping and directory tools. Talking about SaleHoo Dropshipping prices, it starts from a basic $27 monthly and can be used by up to 2 users and allows to export of up to 500 items to the store.

The next dropshipping plan is the Premium plan which is $97 per month it allows up to 3 users, integrates 3 stores, and imports up to 10,000 items. Their annual plans start from $270.

SaleHoo Directory comes with two plans, an annual plan, and a lifetime plan.

Check The Latest SaleHoo Pricing and Complete Details of Each Plan Here

Wholesale2B Pricing

wholesale2b pricing

Wholesale2B offers currently 3 plans. The first one is $37.99 where you can choose an online store platform to integrate. Importing to an online marketplace like eBay, Amazon, etc has its separate cost. Similarly, they also have a plan for the custom-built store which costs $49.99 per month.

Check the Complete Details of Wholesale2B Plans Here

Customer Support

One of the major things these days that people want and look for when they are looking to use any service or product is how good is the business in providing support or customer service to its customers because you never know when you get stuck and need help.

Companies today want to provide the best support services to their customers to maintain their customer base and brand loyalty.

salehoo vs wholesale2b customer support

Salehoo provides 24/7 customer services to its platform users and they are also popular for that. In fact, they have award-winning customer support. SaleHoo is known for taking good care of its customers at all times. There are different ways by which one can get in touch with SaleHoo’s support team whenever needed. You can contact them via live chat, email support, and telephone support.

On the other hand, Wholesale2B doesn’t provide 24/7 customer service to its users but they do mention that each support ticket will be answered within 24hrs. They only provide email support to their platform users. If you get in touch with them regarding any issue, you can tell us how fast they were in getting back to you.

60-Days Money Back Guarantee

SaleHoo offers its customers a complete 60-day money-back guarantee to its users making it a full risk-free platform, whereas Wholesale2B doesn’t offer any such guarantee to its subscribers.

SaleHoo and Wholesale2B Ratings

Here are the ratings of both tools on some of the biggest rating and review platforms. On Trustpilot, SaleHoo has 4.4-star ratings as compared to Wholesale2b which has 3.8-star ratings.

salehoo and wholesale2b ratings

On both Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Sitejabber, SaleHoo ratings are 5 stars, and there are no ratings/reviews of Wholesale2B. Lastly, on g2, Salehoo has a 4.5 rating, and Wholesale2B has a 2-star rating.

SaleHoo or Wholesale2B: Which One is Better?

Well, both are very good tools to use having their own unique strengths and weaknesses depending on your specific business needs.

SaleHoo has a larger range of products and suppliers. Wholesale2B customer support is only available via email and phone calls whereas SaleHoo provides 24/7 customer support.

Wholesale2B has a smaller range of products and suppliers but you can get free access to the platform, which can be beneficial for those who want to test the platform before committing to a subscription. On the other hand, SaleHoo provides a full refund policy.

That’s a Wrap

As now you have an overview of both SaleHoo and Wholesale2B platforms, you can now decide which one better suits your needs. If you want a wide range of products and suppliers with excellent customer service and support, go with SaleHoo.

Moreover, It will also be helpful to consider factors such as pricing, product selection, suppliers, and different plans and offerings before making a decision. If you want to go one more step ahead, It may be worth trying out both platforms to see which one works best for you.

Finally, Get Access to SaleHoo Platform Here Or Start Using Wholesale2B Now


Can you use SaleHoo with Shopify?

SaleHoo offers a wide range of integrations and Shopify is one of them. So, yes you can use SaleHoo with Shopify and can automatically add quality products from vetted suppliers to your Shopify store.

How much does the SaleHoo membership cost?

SaleHoo directory costs $67 and & $127 for annual and lifetime plans respectively. SaleHoo dropshipping tool price starts from $27 per month.

Is Wholesale2B free?

You can sign up on the Wholesale2B platform for free. However, if you want to start selling products, you will need to activate a paid plan.

Where is Wholesale2B located?

Wholesale2B’s headquarters is located in South Carolina, United States.

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