SE Ranking Vs Ahrefs: A Head-to-Head Battle for SEO Supremacy

SE Ranking Vs Ahrefs

SE Ranking and Ahrefs are two popular tools in the SEO industry. If you are looking to use one of the tools and want to know SE Ranking vs Ahrefs comparison, the similarities, and differences, you will get your answers in this article.

Both SE Ranking and Ahrefs are cloud-based SEO software. They are a single tool-packed platform that contains a wide range of features such as keyword research, rank tracking, backlink monitoring, competitive research and analysis, website audit, website health, etc.

SE Ranking and Ahrefs both have their own strengths and unique attributes. Here we will compare the main features offered by both these tools to help you in choosing one of these two that best suits your needs.

We are going to compare these tools on the basis of the following criteria,

  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Rank Tracker
  • Website Audit
  • Pricing
  • SE Ranking Vs Ahrefs: Which one to choose?

Overview of SE Ranking

SE Ranking was founded in 2013 and began as a simple keyword rank tracking tool. After some time it expanded and the tool started offering other SEO features like keyword research, competitor analysis, website auditing, backlinks monitoring, etc.

SE Ranking very shortly gained popularity due to its intuitive interface, affordable pricing plans, and quality features.

SE Ranking

Moreover, over the years the company has continued to expand both in terms of features offering and customer base and also improved the user experience with regular improvements and updates.

SE Ranking is now being used by thousands of businesses and marketers all over the world and has also won numerous awards till now.

Overview of Ahrefs

Ahrefs overview

Ahrefs is also one of the most popular SEO tools. The company was founded in 2010 by Dmitry Gerasimenko. It was a small startup in Singapore having only four employees.

Initially, just like SE Ranking, Ahrefs also offered only one tool and that was its backlink checker. Over the years, the company expanded and started offering other SEO tools including keyword research, rank-tracking site audits, and more.

Ahrefs continues to innovate and improve its SEO tool kit to help its users to get the best results. This also enables customers to stay ahead of their competitors. It is the reason why the company has gained massive popularity and respect over the years.

SE Ranking Vs Ahrefs: Keyword Research

Let’s start with the keyword research tools of both these platforms. Doing the right keyword research is also one of the initial and major steps of a successful SEO strategy.

SE Ranking Keyword Research Tool 

SE Ranking keyword database

The keyword research tool in SE Ranking helps to analyze keywords in light of SEO parameters. The keyword database of SE Raking is updated on a monthly basis and gives keyword suggestions from all popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex.

SE Ranking enables the users to collect the right keywords for SEO campaigns. You can expand your keyword list using similar, long tail, and related keywords. As shown in the image below, you can use various filters to get the right keywords.

SE ranking keyword research tool

It also allows users to know which specific keywords are targeted by their competitors in their organic and paid searches.

Moreover, with the keyword research tool, you can find out who else is targeting the same keywords. SE Ranking keyword suggestion tool assists to expand keyword research insights and make a more effective search campaign.

SE Ranking keyword research

You can also find different parameters like keyword difficulty, search volume, and CPC on the SE Ranking keyword research tool dashboard. With that, the tool also shows the SERP results for the keywords and different site analytics that are ranking for particular keyword terms you search.

Ahrefs Keyword Research Tool 

Ahrefs keyword generator helps to find relevant keywords by utilizing its database of over 8 billion queries. It allows you to fill your content calendar for weeks or months and even years within a few minutes.

You can find the best keywords to target for your specific niche across 243 countries. Ahrefs works by combining filters to search untapped keywords that have a low score for Keyword Difficulty with high organic traffic potential.

ahrefs keyword research

Ahrefs keyword research tool also offers to conduct comprehensive research by using filters for word count, Cost-per-click(CPC), SERP features, and many more.

It improves the chances of ranking by also suggesting the relevant subtopics. In Ahrefs, one can identify groups of keywords for the main topic to find long-tail keyword variations and subtopics. Moreover, Ahrefs assists to analyze competition by checking key SEO metrics for top-ranked pages.

It also allows users to evaluate the monthly organic traffic of each page to estimate the exact traffic potential of any keyword. Once found the best keywords, you can create lists with only a couple of clicks and save keyword ideas for future content.

The SERP position history feature shows you the ranking report of pages that currently are in the top 5 positions in the search results for the targeted keyword. This also helps in checking the SERP volatility and trend for a certain time period.

ahrefs serp position check

Ahrefs Vs SE Ranking: Backlink Analysis

ahrefs backlink checker tool

The Backlink Analysis tool of Ahrefs is better and more powerful than SE Ranking as it has the second most active web crawler after Google. The Backlink database of Ahrefs is the best in the industry. Ahrefs Backlink index is updated after every 15 minutes with fresh data. The tool has,

  • 404B Pages indexed pages
  • 27T Internal backlinks
  • 216M Domains
  • 3.6T External backlinks

One can have the complete picture of followed and no-followed links using Ahrefs Backlink Checker. You can also find out how your competitors optimize backlink profiles by analyzing various factors like anchor texts and more.

Monitoring the growth and declining trends of the backlinks profile is also possible and one can use different filters such as link type, domain rating, platform, referring domains, and more to get the right data for specific needs.

Furthermore, Anchor text analysis can also be used for the detection of probable negative SEO attacks on your website. Ahrefs allows you to add spammy links to Disavow link files with only a few clicks. You can export data and reports to PDF or CSV files.

SE Ranking Backlink Analysis Tool

SE Ranking’s backlink monitoring tool helps to keep track of all key backlink metrics. You can find whether your backlinks are in the form of text or images. Furthermore, you can keep track of other metrics such as target URL, anchor text, dofollow/nofollow, UGC/sponsored, etc.

se ranking backlinks tool

The Backlink Checker feature in SE Ranking also closely monitors competitors and details of where the backlinks are coming from. The value of backlinks can also be measured.

Analysis of anchor texts, linking pages, and referring domains have also been made possible by using the SE Ranking backlink analysis tool.

The Backlink gap analysis feature in SE Ranking lets you add up to five competitors and investigate their backlink profiles. You can generate a backlink gap analysis report with just one click that highlights different key elements.

se ranking vs ahrefs backlinks

This also allows you to build up your backlink profile. You can monitor backlinks related to your website. By enabling automated notifications, you can track changes in the status of backlinks. This aids to manage new as well as lost backlinks, dofollow/nofollow risks, and backlink target ratio.

SE Ranking Vs Ahrefs: Rank Tracker

Ahrefs Rank tracker tool can monitor the rankings of your website over time and analyze your performance with your competitors. Ahrefs also sends scheduled reports directly to your inbox.

ahrefs vs se ranking rank tracker

The Ranker tracker tool enables you to monitor your Google rankings across 170 countries on either desktop or mobile devices. Moreover, Ahrefs also keeps track of the percentage of clicks from organic searches on your website.

Rank Tracker’s interactive graphs help you analyze the results of your SEO efforts. It shows the history of clicks, depicts progress over time, and tracks your website’s ranking position.

Using the rank tracker, you can get deeper insights about an up-to-date list for each tracked keyword and find its ranking progress, clicks, CPC, estimated search volume, return rate, and many more.

Regular email reports are sent by Ahrefs that specify the most notable changes in keywords rankings, as well as SERP features. Ahrefs rank tracker uses data from the top hundred research results for tracked keywords to show the share of voice for all websites and pages.

ahrefs rank tracker reports

SE Ranking Rank Tracker

The keyword rank tracker tool provided by SE Ranking keeps track of keyword rankings in any location, device, and search engine. You can find out how you and your search competitors are ranking for your targeted keywords.

se ranking keyword ranking tool vs ahrefs

SE Ranking also allows us to evaluate and analyze the top hundred search results along with dynamics for any keywords.

Moreover, by using the Rank Tracker tool, you can see how your keyword ranking stacks up against the competition. It enables you to know which keywords are bringing more traffic to your site.

The Rank Tracking ensures there is a steady traffic flow and prevents cannibalizations.

SE Ranking Vs Ahrefs: Website Audit

The site Audit tool of Ahrefs enables users to find what’s holding their website from a higher ranking by highlighting different issues. You can use the Ahrefs Site audit tool for free by verifying ownership of your website. It crawls all pages on a website and provides extensive website analysis. You get the analysis report having:

  • SEO Health score
  • Data visualization in form charts
  • SEO issues
  • Recommendations to fix issues

ahrefs website audit

Site audit tool checks more than a hundred SEO issues(pre-defined) of your website. It checks for issues related to HTML tags, performance, incoming and outgoing links, content quality, localization, resources, external pages, and many more factors.

Ahrefs site audit tool is a cloud-based program, so there is no need to install it, no processing costs, and the software gets updated automatically.

You can schedule monthly, weekly, or even daily crawls for your projects. Ahrefs site audit tool will run these crawls automatically and save them for you.

SE Ranking Website Audit

Using SE Ranking, you can run a website audit to find out any minor or major issue that is impacting the ranking of your website. After the audit, you will get suggestions to fix and amend your content which will help to boost your website rankings.

It carries more than 120+ checks in order to monitor the performance of the website.

se ranking website audit

Audit reports can be compared to find out what was useful and what wasn’t by using the SE Ranking website audit tool.

Moreover, the SE Ranking website audit tool assists to find important parameters presented in the form of performance graphs. The site audit reports also contain how to fix guide.

You can apply easy-to-follow quick fixes suggestions to improve your website. Moreover, it has a powerful page crawler that can crawl up to 1000 pages in only 2 minutes.

Audit reports can be shared with clients/colleagues to measure progress.

Pricing Plans: Ahrefs and SE Ranking

The prices, plans, and discounts offered by Ahrefs and SE Rankings are mentioned below:

Ahrefs Pricing

Ahrefs has four plans i.e., Lite, Standard, advanced, and Enterprise. Users have two options here either to pay monthly or go for annual payments. Get two months free by opting for annual payment plans. The details of these plans are:

ahrefs pricing plans


The Lite Plan starts at $ 99 per month. This plan best suits small business and hobby projects. Lite Plan offers SEO Dashboard, Site Explorer, Keywords Explorer, Site Audit, Rank Tracker, and Alerts. If a user wants to go for annual payments, the payment will get reduced to$83 (i.e., $990 per year).


The standard plan best fits Freelance SEOs and marketing consultants. The price per month for this plan is $199. With the standard plan, you get all features of the Lite Plan, 6 months of history, a Position history chart, SERP updates, Site Explorer (Content gap, Broken backlinks, Broken links, Outgoing links, Link intersect, Domains and countries comparison, and Calendar view ), Content Explorer, Alerts( Mentions, Batch Analysis), and Reports sharing.


The advanced plan has more tools than the lite and standard plans. This program best suits in-house marketing teams. The advanced plan has the following features along with Standard and Lite features,

  • 2 years of history
  • Site Explorer(Site Structure, HTML source)
  • Site Audit (HTTP authentication)
  • Google Data Studio
  • Dashboard folders
  • Ahrefs Search

This plan can be subscribed to at a price of $399 per month. By choosing annual payments, the amount per month will be reduced by $333.


An enterprise plan is ideal for agencies and enterprises. Enterprise plans offer all Advanced Plan features, Unlimited history, Access management, Pay by invoice, Directory listing, Audit log, API, and SSO.

The price per month of the Enterprise plan is $999 which will get reduced to $833 if a user opts for an annual payment plan.

SE Ranking Prices

SE Ranking has three pricing plans i.e., Essential, Pro, and Business. All three plans offer a free trial period during which you can use the software to make a conclusive decision about whether it fits your needs. It offers two weeks free trial period. You can get a 20% discount by opting for annual payment plans. The details of these plans are:

se ranking price vs ahrefs


The Essential Plan is offered at a price of $39 per month. It is basically for freelancers and newbies. It offers a 20% discount by opting for annual payments. Pay only $31.2 and save $7.8 per month.

Pro Plan

The Pro is the most popular plan. It is mainly for small agencies and teams. The price charged per month for Pro plans is $89. However, you will get a discount of 20% if you go for annual payments. The payment for this Pro plan will then be reduced to $71.2.


The Business Plan is designed for mid-size agencies and businesses. The cost per month for Business Plan is $189. You can save up to $37.8 by choosing an annual plan.

Pricing Comparison: You can clearly see that SE Ranking prices are cheaper and more affordable.

SE Ranking Vs Ahrefs: Which One to Choose?

SE Ranking and Ahrefs both are great tools that can optimize your website and can provide you with deep actionable insights to achieve the desired results. You have seen the main features of SE Ranking and Ahrefs with their comparison. Afrefs backlink analysis tool is better than SE Ranking whereas SE Ranking takes the lead on various other features.

Moreover, Ahrefs prices are quite high as compared to SE Ranking.

However, the decision of buying any of these tools is completely in your hand as all businesses have different needs and requirements on the basis of which they make decisions.

You need more technical knowledge while using Ahrefs, whereas SE Ranking has a simpler interface and is quite suitable for people who are not interested in getting into too many technicalities but at the same time want to get the job done.

It is also possible that you might get lost in the Ahrefs tool if you don’t know the tool completely. So, SE Ranking is quite a good option to get started with and after a certain stage, you can decide whether you need Ahrefs or not.

Finally, if you want to go for a cheap yet great SEO tool, you should go for SE Ranking. Still, if you are confused, you should try free versions of both tools and make decisions based on your own experience.

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